Making A Difference

Today I am reflecting on my many blessings and my heart is full of gratitude as I reflect back on where I’ve been and where I am now and the miracles that have come about in just a few short months. As some of you may know, I am just coming out of 15 years of severe depression and anxiety.  This has been quite a journey for me and the Lord has blessed me with many different tools to help along the way.  The one tool that has proven to be the most effective and life changing is my Zeal Wellness.  Yes, it is a fabulous whole food, nutritional supplement that has rocked my world and changed it dramatically for the better.  Where there was no energy, over eating, foggy thinking, low tolerance for any kind of challenge, lack of sleep and complete shut down when having to make more than simple decisions…..there is now a happy, balanced, full of energy, skinnier, completely functioning on a higher level woman!  YAY!  So to say I’m excited about this drink and the company and all its possibilities to help people… a complete understatement!

Now, I’m just a lady on a mission and I am standing on this platform and asking for your help.  I have a goal to help 100 people before Christmas! I want to introduce, educate and provide friends, family and strangers an opportunity to get Zeal into their bodies.  As you are reading this, I know there is someone that you each know, if not just yourself, that is in great need of a way to better health and wellness….send them my way.  You may know someone who has lost hope for a brighter future, who financially is struggling and has been for some time, and just needs and wants to be financially free…..send them my way.  You may be someone who as felt that there is a greater purpose for you, you have a burning desire to help people and to see others lives change… me!  If you just want and need to be a part of an amazing group of people that care about you, believe in you and want to see you achieve your greatest aspirations… me!  I can not find the words to express my deep sense of gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven who has brought these blessings into my life and provided me with an opportunity to do the same for others.  I  feel so blessed and want to share with others.  Please help me in making a difference! The address for my website is below:

In celebration of the holiday and as an incentive to act now, there is a huge promotion going on for the next 3 days…Ask me about it! God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

A Champion’s Heart

So….before you continue reading, I just ask that you go gently on me.  This is my first blog post ever and I know the page is  rough and incomplete, that you who don’t know me have no background….I apologize.  That will all come, I promise!  I just wanted to get this first post out, as it came to me with such power and I just felt I needed to jump into the world of blogging before my courage weakened.

I just got off the phone with my friend. We  were discussing my family and our most recent challenge….. my husbands cut in hours and a possible foreclosure on our home.  I expressed my feelings of peace and my faith in a loving Heavenly Father, that He was hearing and answering our prayers and that all would be well.  That this challenge was some how a blessing in disguise and that I just couldn’t see all the pieces fit together yet.  As I hung up the phone, I sat and pondered on our conversation for a bit and a thought came to my mind…..”you have a champions heart.”  I answered in thought….”what? really?” and then asked myself  “what is a champion?”  The answers began to flood my mind and I began to write.  So…. what you will be reading is the frantic writings of an untrained mind….haha!

What IS a champion? I thought, a champion is someone who overcomes great odds to accomplish an almost insurmountable goal or task.   A champion is someone who never gives up, perseveres against all odds, has been an underdog at some time, has had extreme opposition and battled with self confidence.  A champion is someone who has a dream or goal, believes in that dream and doesn’t let anyone or anything deter from attaining that goal and never stops working towards the dream.

I believe we all have a champions heart!  A heart that believes, a heart that is driven, a heart that burns with a yearning to be something more, to make a difference for good.  We all came to earth with a champions heart, its who we really are!  We just need to be reminded.  Sometimes we just need someone we love and respect to look into our eyes and hearts and speak with power of truth….”I see you, I believe in you!”  When we hear those words with our hearts and feel the power, sincerity and truth behind them, the light will turn on again inside.  Where there was once darkness and a loss of remembering, there will be a small stirring and we will begin to believe in ourselves again.

This is where my journey begins with you, on this blog……the awakening of the champion inside. This is the journey I want to share with you, that I want you to be a part.  I want to be, what my friend has been for me….the person that says,  “I don’t care where you’ve been, what you’ve done or haven’t done.  I see YOU,  your heart, your worth, your strength.  I believe in you and your ability to overcome and to make a difference.  I believe in your ability to achieve and do great things.”


I am a mom of 4 young children. I home school my children and work a part time business from home. I’m a survivor of sexual abuse and am now beginning my journey of coming out of 15 years of severe depression and mild anxiety.  I am finding my voice and am excited to share parts of my journey thru this blog…..I’m really nervous too.  God is my strength and my family is my focus.  I feel so blessed to be alive and on the road to complete wellness.  It is my hope and purpose that thru sharing some of my experiences and some of my raw feelings and thoughts, that I may be a voice of goodness and hope and of healing.  Thanks for joining me!