Living Dead

So many of us are walking around and not truly living, we have become complacent, controlled by fear and hopelessness. Our hearts have become disconnected and our compassion for ourselves and others is waning. Why does this happen and how can we wake up and change the way we live? I believe so much of this is happening because we have given up….given up on faith, given up on love and given up on God. Why? Because it is easier to succumb to pressures of fear, laziness, hopelessness, numbness, than it is to fight for faith and love. What has happened to the spirit of people? Why do we give up our gift of freedom to choose so easily and become mindless? This post that I am writing today is a call to action. I’m calling you to rise up and stand up for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let fear, hopelessness, pride, depression…. rule your life and stand in your way any longer. Rise up! Call on the God, who is your Creator and your Father, and who loves you beyond measure, to give you strength to rise up within yourself. Face your fear today and walk thru it to the other side, reach out to the one that you feel the most hurt from. Be a victim no longer! Stand in the power that God has given you to choose, be free! Make a choice today to live! No longer walk around dead, get on your knees, dig deep, and make the change. You will be blessed with strength and support, you will have people come into your life to help you. Walk in faith and love and receive the blessings that come from this change. I want to hear what one thing you did differently today…what 1 thing did you change and stand strong in? Let’s support each other. Have a blessed day!

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