Where is your heart?

This morning as I was reading in the bible Matt 6 :24 about how man can not serve 2 masters or we will either hate the one and love the other, or despise the one and hold to the other. We cannot serve God and mammon.  It made me really begin to think about who I am really serving and then where my heart is truly.  I believe that it is coming to a time where we can not be divided in any part of us, we cannot serve two masters, we cannot serve the heart and the head. We can not be undecided on who’s side we are on, who we serve and where are hearts are.  My heart has been divided, I say that I love God, but then I worry about what others think of me and I let others advice and opinion take precedence over what God has already told me in my heart.  I have had many people say…follow your heart and I believe the reason why we say this to each other is because essentially our heart is the center, our hearts are our spirit and our spirits are light and truth, godliness if you will, the same essence of God.

As I have pondered more this morning, these are the thoughts that came to me. When you are serving God, when you give your whole heart to him and serving him, really you are just being true to the truest part of yourself. You are actually coming into alignment with your true power and that is your Godly spirit. God doesn’t ask us to serve only him and give our hearts to only him because he is selfish and jealous, he asks us to do this because he knows in this we become truly free to rise to our highest potential. When we give our hearts to him, when we choose one path and are solid and firm in that, when we partner with him, we become our most powerful , highest self….experienced. When we partner with heaven, nothing can match that power. Our heart center is where the greatest amount of light resides, it’s the center of our spirit, it’s where our will lives, so when we turn our hearts to him and commit to love only light and truth and life, we are taking a powerful stand and in this we become free, we become one within ourselves, within the universe and with all that is light and truth and goodness. It’s when we split between serving God and Man that the trouble begins. The trap lies in wanting to serve God, but being afraid of what man thinks. When we become afraid of what men think, and let what they will do or not do permeate our thoughts and influence our decisions, we become divided within ourselves. A house divided cannot stand, so when we are divided within ourselves, we have no strength to stand against the trials and challenges of the day.
No Man can serve 2 masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. I realize I have been trying to serve 2 masters, my heart has been telling me to go in one direction and I feel peace, but then my head starts….”what will so and so think?”  or “so and so will be disappointed in you!”  or  “you are going to look like you are crazy!”  How many of us walk around in this battle every day?  It’s because we are not firm in our resolve to serve God and him only.  When those thoughts come we get taken off course, we begin to feel confused, angry, deceitful, depressed.  It is our responsibility to know where are heart lies, to choose whom we truly are going to serve and then stick to that come what may. This is where peace and happiness truly begin and stay.  So I say….choose whom you are going to serve and serve with and stand firm in your resolve, as for me I serve the Lord and place my trust in Him….come what may.

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