Surrender is a word that can elicit several different responses, it did for me when it came to my mind today.  The feeling that stayed with me as I pondered on this word today was peace. Honestly, these past couple of days have been pretty brutal mentally and spiritually, I have felt like my world has be turned upside down and I could not tell which direction I was going in or should go in.  Have you ever felt like that? So of coarse, I am on my knees pleading for direction, for relief, for peace and it didn’t come until this morning when I got up to post my “word of the day” on Facebook.  Surrender…..I feel God whispering to me.  I immediately understood that this didn’t mean give up, this meant let go. I realize right now, I have been trying to force things in a certain direction in my life, I have been painting a picture in my mind and pushing out everything that doesn’t fit into that picture, worst of all the feelings of shame and guilt, worry and fear have begun to creep in.  I love that I can lean into the Lord and that He not only hears and answers, but his love and peace is all encompassing.  I can hear the word and feel the peaceful energy running through my body….surrender, let go and let God.

Sometimes we think and feel that we need to have everything all worked out, have it all planned.  This is not the case when you are inviting God and his Angels into your life. There is so much peace that fills my soul right now realizing that I do not have to have it all figured out, that when I come to Him and put my trust and faith in Him, He truly will provide and work it out as I get still, listen and follow. Is surrendering easy? For me it is not, but it is because I feel that my life is taking a different turn than I expected, I feel somewhat concerned and afraid, as the path I was on looked pretty dang good to me. I’ve been reminded that it’s not always the end result that is important as how we travel the road.  The end result is never what we think it too be, it is usually better, especially when God is involved.  Truth is, the road is windy, curvy and bumpy and really all we have control over is our attitude and our own actions. Really it’s how we travel the road….are we cultivating love, faith, trust, peace within us?  This is truly the most important.  The more still I get and the more I ponder on this word…surrender, the more I understand that God is just asking me to be at peace and let Him do what He does best ….guide.  Do you need to surrender today and let God guide your life?  Just know there is peace and joy and love on the other side and you are not alone! God bless you and I as we surrender to Him today.

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