In the Arms of His Love

Just a few thoughts moving through my soul today. So…. I am entering into a new phase in my life….my dreams are coming to fruition!  My dreams of traveling to distance lands and connecting on deep levels with the people of these places! My heart is full and rejoices as I realize what I am doing on these mission trips, is connecting to the light within the individuals, that I am having an opportunity to bear my soul witness of the deep love of Jesus and His power to heal.   My prayer is always that they will see and feel Him in me and this is happening by simple eye contact, listening and interacting.  I understand that when each of us feels the all encompassing love of the Savior, our burdens are lightened, our light increases and our capacity to love and be loved expands. This is our whole existence for being on this planet, to experience love in its deepest forms and to participate in creating and expanding it. As I have had this experience in Nicaragua and am preparing for the experience in Africa, I realize that I have felt surrounded by Love. Each day in my desire to connect with others, I find that same reaching out happening. We all deserve to feel that we are in the “Arms of Jesus”, I realize that when we put our arms around others whether literally or energetically, we are becoming His arms and assisting our fellow travelers in feeling that safety and security in knowing they are loved and in the Arms of a Divine Being.

If you ponder for a moment on how it feels to be in the “arms of someone you love” it is a feeling of complete safety and security, of peace and comfort. When the Savior says that we are safe in the arms of his Love that we are encircled about by His love, I believe He is saying, “You are safe, you are in my care, I am watching over you. There is peace, safety, rest, comfort and love available for you at every moment.”  When we send out our love, in the form of words, acts of kindness, acts of service, connection in conversation, hugs…..we are literally helping others feel the love and security in the Savior.  Love is powerful my friends, it truly is the language of the soul and what we truly are seeking for. Love knows no bounds, does not seek to offend, manipulate or control…..only to set free. So today, if you are feeling a little unsure, a little empty….find a way to express your love, wrap your arms around someone and receive. His love is just a hug, a word, a look , an action a way.  Be the Love my friends!  Connect with the light within yourself and others. God bless you today and may you feel His peace and Love always in your hearts.