Eye Single


Sometimes the greatest teaching moments in my life come from joy instead of pain, yesterday it was the latter.  A thought came to my mind that has changed my perspective and given me key to greater joy and peace and I wanted to share it with you.

Yesterday morning I failed to act on an opportunity that was a direct answer to prayer. Instead of embracing it and praising the Lord, I judged it, analyzed the situation and justified myself for not going. By the time afternoon came around, I had created a big ball of shame inside of me. I turned to the Lord and the scriptures for insight. Interestingly enough, the same scripture I had read earlier in the morning before I had completely made the decision, is the same scripture that stood out. It was the one about keeping our eye single to the glory of God. As I read the scripture I pondered for a bit and the thought came that God was blessing me that day and  all the time!  Me keeping my eye single to Him is choosing to see the constant flow of blessings from Him and thanking Him and being conscious of His constant care in my life daily, moment to moment and  expressing gratitude, accepting every good gift that comes my way and not judging it! I learned  that part of keeping our eye single to Him is not getting distracted by all the negative voices in this world and by worry and fear, it means keeping our seeing open and focused on how God is blessing us each day.  I realized that God is so good and all He desires is to bless His children and He IS constantly, He is always at work answering prayers. It’s us that chooses not to see it or to doubt that we could be loved that much and deserving of good things moment to moment.  It changed my perspective about God, my Father and how he truly feels about me. I realize, I don’t have to make things happen, I just need to receive and accept what God is already  given or giving in the moment!  Complete Paradigm Shift…..AWESOME! Today I am  proactively looking for His tender mercies and Him answering my prayers and expressing gratitude for all things!  It’s quieted the critical voices in my head and I feel so much lighter. God is so Good!  Happy Saturday!


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