The Father of Us All

hands of father.jpg


Last night as I was pondering and looking towards today, thinking of it being Father’s day, a strong desire to honor my Father in Heaven swept over me.  It is difficult to find the words to express the deep love I have for Him. He is my Father I am born of Him and I feel this to my very core, so much so that I am overwhelmed with tears as His Holy Spirit testifies to my spirit, that, yes, I AM His daughter, we are ALL His children. I have felt this even more in the past few months than at any other time. I have drawn near to Him; I have asked to be able to see his face in my mind, to remember his spirit and how it feels to be in His presence. As I have done this, feelings of intense love, gentle kindness and strength have washed over me. I have seen his face in my mind’s eye and when I pray I see us sitting face to face and having a conversation. Through challenges I have learned to draw near to him, to lean into him to trust in him, and have felt him near, leading, guiding me and hearing every heartfelt prayer, including the silent ones.

I feel strongly to testify that our Father in Heaven is not only kind and gentle, but oh, so merciful and leads and guides us with all the tender feelings of a parent. We are little children to Him and he wants nothing more than our eternal happiness and joy. I testify that He is ever present and that He is in the details, what is important to us and what matters to us, matters to Him. Just as parents, what matters to our children, matters to us and we go the distance to assist and love our children. It is no different with Him. Our Father in Heaven pours into us, just as we pour into our own children; He is concerned for us and in the details, just as we are with our own children. He is not a vengeful God, He is not an angry God, these are misinterpretations of Him….for truly God is Love. He is meek and in this He upholds the standard of truth, for He is Truth, He is light and my friends…..He is Love, oh, is He love.

As one, who has been battered and scarred by men and by my own choices, at times, living in the pit of sin, I have found that His arms are ever outstretched, ever present and standing side by side with His Son, Jesus Christ, ready to save. Whatever the voice that says He is not real, that He is not available, that He is judgmental and partial towards his people, this is not the voice of truth. For anything that would strive to strip of us our right to His kingdom, our right as His children to call on is his name, anything that would strive to cause variance between us and him, truly is not of Him. Satan is cunning; He knows that our joy and our strength, our faith and our abundance lie in our constant communication and close relationship with Him. Satan would do anything to separate us from the Love of God. My invitation is this: Let us reach out to Him, let us do all in our power to bridge the gap that may have been created. He is present, He is all powerful and He is all loving and He is personal. This I do know, that when we turn to Him and when we partner with Him and when we let Him guide our lives, we will have peace and power and direction far beyond anything that man could ever offer. WE can have peace here on earth and it is through our relationship with Deity. It is coming again to know and remember God as our Father, that we come to know ourselves and to know how to handle the relationships in our lives.

I ponder the depth of His love that He would sacrifice His only Begotten Son. He gave Christ to the world, knowing how His Son would be treated and what the mission would be. Yet, Father’s love is so deep, so expansive, that He was willing to let his Beloved go through such pain, so that we could return back to him.  He is calling after us, like a shepherd calls after his sheep, the shepherd knows each sheep by name, we are his little lambs and he is watching over us and calling after us. I speak boldly in hopes that the truth will awaken something in those reading, a remembrance. A remembrance that we are all brothers and sisters, we all belong to this Father in Heaven and that by serving and loving one another we can come to know of Him also. I love my Father, He is my strength and my guide, the Love in my Life and by Him and through His Son I will ever stand. Who stands with me?

Happy Fathers Day.