Today is Independence Day where we celebrate Freedom from our Oppressors. My question is: How many of us are truly free? Are you free in Body, Mind and Spirit? Are you free from your “oppressors”?  Who are your oppressors? It’s different for every body actually.  Today I ponder on the true gift of Freedom and where it really comes from and how it is attained. This a gift that everyone, no matter what country you live in, has access to and the ability to cultivate. Before I continue, I want to acknowledge that there is real slavery happening in our world right now. I do want to acknowledge, at the same time, that there is bondage happening on a deeper level that we may not be completely aware of, that is the bondage of our minds and spirits. Freedom from that bondage comes in and through Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of this World. I’m talking about the bondage of unforgiveness, hatred, anger, fear, addiction, jealously…..the energy and attitudes that take us away from peace, joy, love, kindness and walking with the Spirit of Christ. I am realizing there are so many of us that are still chained by the experience of trauma and abuse, shame, guilt, victimization.  These are the real oppressors in our lives. Sometimes I think we get so distracted by what is going on in the outside world, that we don’t realize that our inner world is in complete dishevel and bondage. When in fact, the reason that the world is in bondage is because individuals are in bondage….spiritual bondage. Some of us continue to move forward in the same negative, judgmental attitude of our ancestors and continue to heap the same onto our children. Abuse, Addictions, Violence are at an all time high because of the personal spiritual bondage of the individual. Satan has got us so distracted by outward acts of others that we don’t even realize our own state of mind and heart. So my question today is, are you really free? Are you free in your own heart and mind? Are you able to create the space for love and forgiveness and acceptance within yourself? Can you stand in your own truth, right, belief and power when the storms come? Can you stay at peace when there are tumultuous things happening all around? Do you feel you are in control of your own life, emotions, state of being?  This freedom that I am talking about comes in and through Jesus Christ….his LOVE.  It is through feeling His Love and partaking of this His Gift through the Atonement, that we are truly free. It is by surrendering the things that we do not have control over, the hurt, the pain, the envying and the strifes that make room for His love to enter in, if we will ask and choose Him.  His Spirit inside of us brings, peace that passes understanding, grace and strength beyond our own, love unfeigned. This is true freedom.

I had an experience today, that sparked this thought process. Many of you know that my husband and I are separated again and striving to find peace within the new boundary of this relationship. It has been very stormy at times, yelling, screaming, calling names, manipulation, emotional pain and grief. I have experienced these things as well as he has, but something happened today. This morning I made a choice to love, I asked Christ to be in me and to help me and I was determined to come from a space of love and peace and understanding. We were able to spend part of the day all together, and I was able to stay in peace and love, even when emotional challenges were presented. We were able to enjoy being together as a family. I learned that this is freedom. Regardless of what anyone does or says, I get to choose and Christ is by my side to assist me.  Each one of us has the capacity to choose this, to step out of bondage and into freedom.  It is my hope today as we are celebrating freedom, that we choose into personal spiritual freedom for ourselves and our families. That we allow Love to be our Head. That we put away the weapons of war that we rage on each other and on our own selves and that we choose into the freedom that peace, love and joy brings. Christ is the author of these. So Happy Independance Day, I pray you partake of the freedom that is so freely given in so many ways through Jesus Christ, our Lord. God Bless you all!