A New Journey

Hello My Dear Friends,

Its been a long time since I’ve last written and so much has happened and is happening, I can’t wait to share. SO…I’ll just jump right in! My husband and I, yes we have reconciled and some day I may share that miracle story, and our four children, will be leaving May 23rd for Kenya, Africa to serve the people there for 6 months!  We are humanitarians at heart, we love God and we love people and so when the Spirit opened up the way for this we humbly and excitedly said “yes!”.  This has been a prayer on our hearts and an idea in our minds before Forrest and I were even married. We are so very humbled that we are being given the opportunity to love and to work side by side our  friends and family in Kenya.

So many of you have already shown so much love, support and encouragement.  In fact, the reason for coming back to writing is because many of you encouraged me to do so. You expressed your desire to follow our journey and be a part of it with us.  I’m so excited! I love sharing , inspiring and testifying of God’s love and His constant miracles in our lives.  I feel like most every day is a miracle and since we have committed to this journey, not a day goes by where we have not witnessed some tender mercy or miracle.

Life right now for us is centered around being prepared for all that may be required of us. We are learning so much about the power of simplicity, purging and letting go. We are also learning so much about the power of being together as a family, studying the word of God together and praying together. To some it may seem extreme as we are living in our fifth wheel on a friends property in Hooper, homeschooling our kids and working on projects for fundraising and learning skills that we may need in Kenya. This, is also where the beauty is beginning to enfold!  Don’t get me wrong, we are a normal family , in the fact that there is quarreling and teasing, we just don’t have a lot distracting us from one another so we have more time to work things out. Its amazing to me how the Lord brings circumstances into our lives to help us come closer to Him. This is how we see this whole experience, an opportunity to detach more from the things of the world and come more into the things of eternity.  This is affording our family time to heal our relationships after 2 separations and get ready to mentor other families.  Its humbling to me that the Lord knows these beautiful children so well, that he would invite them to learn at an early age that value is found in relationships, not things.  It has been difficult for me at times to say no to extra things that I know would bring my kids a moment of joy, it has challenged me to focus on what is in the near future for them and to set my eyes on this.  True sacrifice is work, but this i know, it brings about true happiness. I know my children don’t fully understand now, I do know they find great joy in thinking and working to go to Kenya and serving the families there, and I know that the sacrifices we are making will pay off.  These children are mighty spirits and I am honored to be their mother and to help facilitate an awesome experience that will mold them and shape them in such a positive way.

For those of you who have wanted detail about our time down there, we have had a home and a car given to us, this will afford some luxury for our family as we will have running water, electricity and beds. This will allow us to take care of ourselves and our children as we adjust to the new culture. We will be working primarily in a town called Bomet, where I served last May when I went. We have residual income through Zurvita, an amazing network marketing company, who’s product has changed our lives and now allows us to assist in changing others and providing a residual income that we are able to  sustain ourselves, as well as my Mentoring and Healing business. I will be able to sustain some clientele as we will have wifi access and I do most of my appointments over Skype and Zoom.  We are grateful to 100 Humanitarians, who we are representing, who started the projects and provides for the supplies through donations.  If you want more information on the projects and to see what 100 Humanitarians is about, go to http://www.100humanitarians.com.  Most of all we want you to know that we trust in our God that has directed us to take this leap and continually places people in our path that support the cause and the work.  We understand and testify that God is truly our provider and it is in Him that we put our trust.  This is a faith walk, always has been and always will be. We wouldn’t want it any other way as we know that it is by faith that we grow close to Christ and are able to work out our salvation with Him.

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you!  Love you all!  Please feel free to post questions below and I will answer them the best that I can.  Much love to you…..until next time.  Stay tuned….the journey just keeps going and in some ways….its just begun.

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Anita! Just one of our friends in Kenya!