You are Known

Last night I had a profound experience and some understanding open up to me as I lay quiet in my bed.  I was overcome with the strong impression that I am truly known by my Father in Heaven, that He truly knows me, knows the incoming and outgoings of my heart, of my mind… desires, my struggles. Not only that, but that the hosts of heaven also know me. That there is a deep awareness and care there that I have not had understanding of before. There is a song that talks about God being for you, but I had not felt this and not felt His presence so near as last night.  What I learned in those few short moments is that He truly lives and is truly ever present, that He is in the details, and that we are known by Him. The God of this Universe, who has all power both in Heaven and in Earth, knows me by name, knows me personally and He knows you.  It is unfathomable to me, yet I know in my very being it is true. This gives me a whole new perspective today, my focus is on Him, on developing a deeper relationship with Him, hearing His voice.

If the God of this Universe has time for me and to tell me that I am important to Him, what do I have time for?  I feel the time is at hand that we must truly take our stand, decide who’s side we are really on and stand tall and firm in our Father in Heaven and in His Son. I am  not afraid, nor ashamed to say that I am a follower of Jesus Christ, that he is my head and that I know that I am born from Heavenly Parents, that now me and love me just as my earthly parents do. Surely I am of Divine Heritage, we all are and I think that is the number one truth that Satan is trying to cover. When we know who we are and that we are known by the most powerful and loving being of this Universe, Satan’s power diminishes. It is my hope that we will stand in the truth of who we are and believe it, I pray that each of you reading this will be touched to know this same truth about you.  You are loved in so many ways, so many ways that I think we don’t even comprehend.  If you are a parent that constantly thinks of your child, cheers them on, is there when they are sad, prays for ways to understand and help them, then you understand your Father in Heaven, He is the same today, tomorrow and forever especially in His attention towards His children. I praise his name and I am so thankful for these still, small and tender moments where He whispers to my soul and pray that you have these moments and recognize them, because He is whispering to you too.



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