Love Creates Space for Change


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Love Creates Space for Change

When we choose to tap into the source of Love and to love ourselves unconditionally, it sets us free to love others and creates the space for change within us and them.

Have you noticed if you walk around feeling numb inside, having a lack of energy and passion for life, just trying to get through another day?  Do you feel used and abused, struggling to feel love towards your spouse and other loved ones? Do you find yourself using words of love, but do not feel it deep within? You know you need to care for your neighbor, but find it extremely difficult, almost forced or obligatory?  I’ve been there and I am just now coming out on the other side, discovering that love comes from accessing the divinity within, pure love is spread from the inside – out.  I’ve come to the truth that we must learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally first before we can give that gift to others, it’s really a continuous cycle. So how do we cultivate pure love and acceptance for ourselves?  How does the energy of pure love create space for change within our lives and the lives of others?

First we need to come to the realization that we are spiritual beings first, that everything was created spiritually first and that is where we need to start. Second, love is an energy that starts from within when we align ourselves with God/or in other words light and truth. We can access our ability to love purely by using our power to choose effectively. Each one of us has been given the God given gift and ability to choose and act for ourselves.  We get to choose our attitudes, our beliefs, our actions, we get to chose how we want to live our lives and what thoughts and feelings we want to focus on to help us attain what we want.  It’s simple really.  What we focus on and let grow inside of our minds and our hearts through thought and desire becomes our base for living and magnet for attracting.  Let me share a little of my experience with you to illustrate the point.

About a year ago, I found myself in a place in my marriage where there was no love, I was angry, hurt, numb, bitter and full of resentment.   I was not happy and hadn’t been for years.  After prayerful consideration, I made the decision to leave.  I moved out and got an apartment for myself. After I got settled the teaching and refining really began.  I called on the Lord for help daily and consistently.  I did the work He asked me to do, but it was painful.  I realize that when I left, I only thought it was because my husband needed to change and to have his heart softened.  I also didn’t want to be in a relationship where I felt so much anger and pain all the time.  I really thought and felt that he was the problem, and I was more than justified in leaving.  As time went on and I began to really ponder on our relationship and what my part was, God showed me the truth of what was really happening and in reality, I had created so much of what I was experiencing.  Huh? What?  See, there is a phrase we all know….’we reap what we sow’.  So, how does this apply to this?  Well, I have come to understand, all the criticism, self loathing, conditional love and judgments I was thinking and feeling towards myself every day, was of course, spilling over in the way I treated him.  I was literally just reaping what I was sowing inside of me.   What we focus on fills us up and becomes our reality.  No wonder we were so miserable!  I was only focusing on what I wasn’t, what he wasn’t….what our life was not, and so it was.  Every thought and every word has energy attached to it and attracts like energy. Yikes!


The Power of Choice

We all have a daily battle to fight, we all have challenges and we all truly want peace in our lives. I believe when we truly understand what we are battling then we can equip ourselves with tools that assist us in winning and overcoming our daily battles.  Truly the battle we all fight each day is within ourselves. Much of the time we believe it is circumstances or other people that we are in conflict with, when the battle is within. There are two strong forces or energies in this world… and fear.  Faith is rooted in love and hate is rooted in fear.  Our daily battle consists of us vacillating between choosing the two.  Really, the challenge is just choosing to love in any given situation because to not choose, the choice is made for us and the world around us promotes fear. Our world and the energy field around it is constantly shifting because on a daily basis each of us are making choices to love or to fear, the only thing stable about the world we live in are these two forces.  They come to us disguised and masked in many ways, yet this does not take away the truth that this is really what we are dealing with and what is demanded of us each day… make a choice and then put it into action. Pure love creates space in our hearts for light and truth and fear crowds out space for light and truth.  Love brings us peace and happiness and the fear brings despair and sadness.

The Truth about Love

“Love creates space for change” was a constant phrase that had been spoken to me a few years back by my friend who is a healer.  That phrase began to permeate my mind consistently through this time away from my husband as I began to seek to find the solution to heal myself and possibly our marriage. It hit me so clearly one day….I get to choose!  I realized I did not want to live in the anger and the resentment anymore, that is what I was trying to get away from, but I realized I got to choose what I wanted to focus on and I needed to choose or it would be left to chance.  I literally made the choice right there, I choose to love.  I chose to love myself just as I was, I chose to love my situation, I chose to love my husband and my family, even though there was much healing to be done. I came to understand that it wasn’t the end result that was important, but the way I traveled the road that was.  What I cultivated within myself was what was important and what would ultimately change my life.

Christ is the source of pure love and we have a piece of Christ in us.  As I have looked to Christ for strength, for understanding, for healing and for answers through this process, I have come to understand three very powerful truths. First, we are always worthy of love and we are love in essence, second we are free to choose and in choosing we create and third, love creates space for change. Calling on the Power of the Atonement of Christ to come into our life, is where the ability comes to love ourselves and others unconditionally.  The “Power” of the Atonement of Christ, is PURE LOVE. The Atonement allows us to put our old ways of thinking and behaving aside, it allows us to come into a space of choice and power instead of forced reaction. LOVE is the power and that power can heal and overcome anything, if we will let it. Through this Love, I have come to realize who I truly am comes from Love, that I am literally a manifestation of God’s love, and that my spirit was born out of Love. Nothing I do changes this, it is who I am, and it is who we all are. Nothing changes the truth that we have divinity inside and that we are loved. Love is patient and kind, it does not force.  When we feel loved just how we are, the DESIRE to want to change is cultivated.   PURE LOVE can create space for change, because pure love tapped into and allowed to live within us, acted upon over and over again, changes us energetically from the inside and when we change, others do also. So how do we tap into this power and let it work in us?

We must be willing to connect to the source of PURE LOVE on a daily basis and continually throughout the day strive to stay in our heart space. Some ways to do this are: prayer, meditation, being out in nature, and most of all connecting with and serving others. Something that keeps me centered and authentic is consciously striving to choose to love each day and especially in difficult moments. I remind myself that I get to choose. On the days when I am being especially hard on myself, which is too often, I stop what I am doing and  I slow down and quiet my mind and I make a choice to love myself in that moment, I remind myself that God loves me and that he hears and answers my prayers.  Choosing to love myself thru things instead of nit picking and shaming, is where things have shifted the most for me and created a shift in my relationships, especially with my husband. I’ve seen time and time again, when I am speaking kindness to myself, when I am choosing to love myself thru difficulty, being my own best friend….I am able to be more of that for others, especially my loved ones. I have come to understand deeply that I am good enough, that I am loveable, that what has happened to me in the past or what happens to me now, does not define who I am or limit what I can do or what I can become.  The Atonement of Christ empowers us to overcome and leave our unfruitful actions and false beliefs behind. If we will come to Christ and asked to be forgiven, ask for a change to happen from within, He will fill us with His all powerful and encompassing love.  It’s our job to just keep coming back and cultivating that in ourselves by choice.  Our choices create our lives inside and out.

Learn to love yourself, to love your life, learn to create and cultivate pure love, it will heal and save you and your loved ones.