Love- A Call to Action

As I sit and ponder and meditate this morning, thoughts and impressions flow into my mind. My prayers are not for me but for my brothers and sisters upon this earth at this time. Flashes of the women and children being torn away from each other, Fathers being beaten down! The feelings run deep in me as I pray for their deliverance from such evil. I pray that angels surround them and comfort them as I have come to understand that the distance between heaven and earth is really next to none, for the things of the spirit, which we cannot see, truly are all around us. So…how do we call upon the powers of heaven and work in harmony with the unseen angels all around us that walk this earth for the soul purpose of guiding, directing, protecting and comforting the human family? First, we must realize that truly we are children of the most High God, Sons and Daughters of the Powerful Creator and Source of Love and Light. We must come to understand that because of the gift of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we have been bought with a price and claimed by Deity and in this it is our right to ask for all that we stand in need of for our family, our nation, this world and ourselves, especially as we cultivate the pure desire to love and serve each other. Because of Christ we can become free in our hearts and minds from the blood and sins of this generation and step into a place of power and freedom, unlike this world alone can offer. Freedom is not something that happens on the outside but on the inside 1st. Our Freedom was bought with the price of Christ’s blood which was shed for all and was brought upon him through his willingness to truly feel, experience and carry it all. When He carried the cross, it was not just the physical burden that He carried but more so the sins and sorrows of the world…the cry of every man, woman and child, the deep pain and hatred of the perpetrator, murderer and sinner, the depressed and self loathing mother, the overburdened and afraid father. He bore it all, magnified a hundredfold because of the purity of His soul, to carry such darkness literally was death. He did this purely out of love and His desire to be our Advocate, to be able to walk by our side in this life, to be our friend and our Savior, to embody the love that we need to move all sin, barriers and boundaries.
So, what is the answer to the problems of the world…LOVE. Love for ourselves and love for one another. It seems so simple, too simple…peace, love, happiness. You look at any situation, on a big scale or a small…the problem is a lack of pure love. Love for oneself, for God and for fellow men. Pure love heals all wounds, it empowers us to Forgive and to move forward in greater peace. It places us in a space to be creators of our lives instead of reactors, it gives us courage to stand and fight for our rights when needed. You want to help the world, tap into Love and then ask what you can do and do it! Love IS THE ANSWER.
So this is my call, my call to action! Do something today and every day for the next 30 days to show LOVE. It can be something simple and small or something huge and gigantic, either way you are changing the planet, because when you choose love and you do something to spread that, it creates ripples throughout the earth. It creates a chain reaction, so in this you can literally change the world. So be a creator today and change the world, one action of Love at a time.




Surrender is a word that can elicit several different responses, it did for me when it came to my mind today.  The feeling that stayed with me as I pondered on this word today was peace. Honestly, these past couple of days have been pretty brutal mentally and spiritually, I have felt like my world has be turned upside down and I could not tell which direction I was going in or should go in.  Have you ever felt like that? So of coarse, I am on my knees pleading for direction, for relief, for peace and it didn’t come until this morning when I got up to post my “word of the day” on Facebook.  Surrender…..I feel God whispering to me.  I immediately understood that this didn’t mean give up, this meant let go. I realize right now, I have been trying to force things in a certain direction in my life, I have been painting a picture in my mind and pushing out everything that doesn’t fit into that picture, worst of all the feelings of shame and guilt, worry and fear have begun to creep in.  I love that I can lean into the Lord and that He not only hears and answers, but his love and peace is all encompassing.  I can hear the word and feel the peaceful energy running through my body….surrender, let go and let God.

Sometimes we think and feel that we need to have everything all worked out, have it all planned.  This is not the case when you are inviting God and his Angels into your life. There is so much peace that fills my soul right now realizing that I do not have to have it all figured out, that when I come to Him and put my trust and faith in Him, He truly will provide and work it out as I get still, listen and follow. Is surrendering easy? For me it is not, but it is because I feel that my life is taking a different turn than I expected, I feel somewhat concerned and afraid, as the path I was on looked pretty dang good to me. I’ve been reminded that it’s not always the end result that is important as how we travel the road.  The end result is never what we think it too be, it is usually better, especially when God is involved.  Truth is, the road is windy, curvy and bumpy and really all we have control over is our attitude and our own actions. Really it’s how we travel the road….are we cultivating love, faith, trust, peace within us?  This is truly the most important.  The more still I get and the more I ponder on this word…surrender, the more I understand that God is just asking me to be at peace and let Him do what He does best ….guide.  Do you need to surrender today and let God guide your life?  Just know there is peace and joy and love on the other side and you are not alone! God bless you and I as we surrender to Him today.

Where is your heart?

This morning as I was reading in the bible Matt 6 :24 about how man can not serve 2 masters or we will either hate the one and love the other, or despise the one and hold to the other. We cannot serve God and mammon.  It made me really begin to think about who I am really serving and then where my heart is truly.  I believe that it is coming to a time where we can not be divided in any part of us, we cannot serve two masters, we cannot serve the heart and the head. We can not be undecided on who’s side we are on, who we serve and where are hearts are.  My heart has been divided, I say that I love God, but then I worry about what others think of me and I let others advice and opinion take precedence over what God has already told me in my heart.  I have had many people say…follow your heart and I believe the reason why we say this to each other is because essentially our heart is the center, our hearts are our spirit and our spirits are light and truth, godliness if you will, the same essence of God.

As I have pondered more this morning, these are the thoughts that came to me. When you are serving God, when you give your whole heart to him and serving him, really you are just being true to the truest part of yourself. You are actually coming into alignment with your true power and that is your Godly spirit. God doesn’t ask us to serve only him and give our hearts to only him because he is selfish and jealous, he asks us to do this because he knows in this we become truly free to rise to our highest potential. When we give our hearts to him, when we choose one path and are solid and firm in that, when we partner with him, we become our most powerful , highest self….experienced. When we partner with heaven, nothing can match that power. Our heart center is where the greatest amount of light resides, it’s the center of our spirit, it’s where our will lives, so when we turn our hearts to him and commit to love only light and truth and life, we are taking a powerful stand and in this we become free, we become one within ourselves, within the universe and with all that is light and truth and goodness. It’s when we split between serving God and Man that the trouble begins. The trap lies in wanting to serve God, but being afraid of what man thinks. When we become afraid of what men think, and let what they will do or not do permeate our thoughts and influence our decisions, we become divided within ourselves. A house divided cannot stand, so when we are divided within ourselves, we have no strength to stand against the trials and challenges of the day.
No Man can serve 2 masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. I realize I have been trying to serve 2 masters, my heart has been telling me to go in one direction and I feel peace, but then my head starts….”what will so and so think?”  or “so and so will be disappointed in you!”  or  “you are going to look like you are crazy!”  How many of us walk around in this battle every day?  It’s because we are not firm in our resolve to serve God and him only.  When those thoughts come we get taken off course, we begin to feel confused, angry, deceitful, depressed.  It is our responsibility to know where are heart lies, to choose whom we truly are going to serve and then stick to that come what may. This is where peace and happiness truly begin and stay.  So I say….choose whom you are going to serve and serve with and stand firm in your resolve, as for me I serve the Lord and place my trust in Him….come what may.

Who is Jesus?


As I was sitting down to write this morning, I asked the Lord, as I always do, to guide my words.  I asked that my words would bring comfort and help….this is the title that came to my mind.  Now, I’m not a professor of religion and so of course, I won’t be going into all the secular knowledge….or even the scriptural references. If you will indulge me in this post, I feel the desire to share who Jesus is to me.

Jesus is the Son of God, He incarnated God when he came to this world.  He is the most gentle, yet powerful being I have ever felt or come to know. His love is kind and consistent, encouraging and all encompassing.  He is a loyal and constant friend.  He lives in the hearts of those who let him and welcome him. When Jesus is in you, you know it because you have peace, you have love for those around you and even those that you don’t know.  You want to be better, be more, do more to help others.   Jesus is the friend that never leaves, the constant companion that lifts you up, encourages you and shows you the way when you ask.  He speaks very openly and frankly when you ask him for honesty and guidance.

The thing I have come to understand the most about Jesus, is that He is the Savior of the World and He is the Savior because He has literally saved the world and all of us who live in it from an eternal death. To understand this and accept this gift we must come to Him and let Him into our hearts and into our lives.  There is no pain or suffering that He does not understand, for He truly did suffer it all and took our personal suffering upon himself in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross of Calvary. He did this so he could be a personal and personable Savior.  Because of His loving sacrifice, his willing atonement, He understands each one of us on a level that we cannot comprehend. We can however, come to know him personally through the gift of his personal sacrifice. When we use the gift and power of the Atonement in our daily lives it enables us to become At-One with Christ.  We become new, with His power in us we can heal from all manner of physical and spiritual diseases.  His enabling power can literally heal every part of us from the inside out.

When I teach my class on the Power of Forgiveness, what i am teaching is what He has taught me, helped me to do and whispered to me over and over again. Christ loves us so much that he wants us to be free in every part of our lives, he wants us to be free from guilt, shame, remorse, fear, hatred,  and all those emotions that block out our ability to feel love and peace and goodness.  He wants us to be free to create, He wants us to be free from faulty thinking that has been passed down through generations that keeps us trapped in reacting and fog our view of truth daily.  All those feelings and negative energies that block out our ability to feel him in our hearts, He wants us to be free, and has provided the way. He is the way!  He has walked with me through the pain of childhood sexual abuse, teenage rape, depression, anxiety, homelessness, mental breakdown….and so much more.  His love has healed those parts of me that no one could reach, no therapist or medicine could heal. His light and his love are all encompassing, all powerful. He is my one true friend, the one who has seen me through it all, who has carried me triumphant to the other side day in and day out. He is magnificent and in Him….I am magnificent and so are you!

Today, I just invite you, if you do not know Jesus or have not invited him into your life.  Do it!  You can’t afford not too, He is the One true Source of Light and Love, He is the one who gives and grants miracles, who rescues us from our darkest selves and the darkness around.  He is the God that can walk by our side, to lead and guide us.  He is the one that you have been looking for every day to rescue you from your own personal hell and to take you to the next level in your life.  Jesus Christ is the One…..He is the Savior of the World and my personal savior and yours. My daily prayer is that you come to Him and that I can be a light to show the way to Him. If you already know Him….be the light too and make a difference!


Choose Love

I had a profound experience yesterday that touched me to the very core and pulled me out of my indigenous negative self talk. God spoke to my heart so powerfully and clearly. I was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready for my children, they were beginning to fight and things were unraveling quickly, I could feel myself getting frustrated and wanting to yell. The sudden thought came…”you get to choose, choose love.” I thought to myself, I do get to choose and I choose love, I could feel my heart open up immediately. Then the message and the feeling of intense love came. I heard the Lord’s voice in my mind say…”I love you, I have always loved you, I stand by you, you are my child. I am so pleased with everything you are trying to do. Be at peace.” In that moment of intense love, I understood that truly it is His love that saves and heals us, His love that gives us courage to change and pick ourselves back up after a defeat. Love is the answer to everything, His Love is the most powerful gift and tool. In me grew my desire to take this message to the world and to love on others so deeply. God’s love is the answer to our prayers in every way, His love gives us courage to insurmountable things, His love gives us hope to see thru the darkness, His loves give us power to overcome our own weaknesses and builds in us a desire to be more. He needs us to shine his light and love. We can be the instruments and the tools to which His love can be spread and the message that He gave me is the message He wants everyone to hear and feel and know. The world needs to know that He is not dead, that in Him lies peace and the answers and in us lies His light. We have the power to choose who we want to be in any given moment. I say…”choose love.” I pray we all will give our best effort, to choose love today, to choose to show love and mercy to others, as God and His Son shows us daily, hourly, minute to minute. In this simple choice lies the answer to everything and unlocks the power within. Choose Love… Choose love…..

In the Uphill Climb

As I reflect today on the past couple of weeks and as I have been asked to pass thru some difficult challenges at this time, these are the thoughts that have rested upon me:

It is in the midst of our greatest trials and struggles that the potential for higher learning is great. If we will but turn to our Lord and humble ourselves before him, and plead for his guidance…we will be taught, tutored and comforted. These are the teaching grounds of life and when we choose to learn from the challenge and let the pain teach us, we will be blessed with understandings beyond our own comprehension. In this, the challenging times are a gift and a literal preparation for us to reach higher and be taught and tutored by the Lord in a no other way then when we are humbled and on our knees searching for the answers. It is in the hunger for relief, the hunger to understand, the hunger to be comforted, that we are then fed…. because we are ready and we need it and we will know what to do with it. In this, I am thankful for an all loving and merciful Father who has set the path, the way, and lovingly allows the experiences that we need for us to grow in stature and in true happiness, by allowing these challenges to come time and time again.

If you have ever wondered if there is a God who loves you, if you have a purpose in this life, or why life seems like an uphill journey for you most of the time…..let me just bear witness that there is a God, who is LOVE and loves all and if your life is an uphill battle, it is a manifestation of His love for you. He has a message for you, He sees your greatness and is calling it out, He is calling you out….to come to Him. Come and kneel at His feet, cry out to Him and learn from Him. Let him teach you and love on you and heal you. Then stand tall and keep moving forward and share the love and lessons with others.