Love Creates Space for Change


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Love Creates Space for Change

When we choose to tap into the source of Love and to love ourselves unconditionally, it sets us free to love others and creates the space for change within us and them.

Have you noticed if you walk around feeling numb inside, having a lack of energy and passion for life, just trying to get through another day?  Do you feel used and abused, struggling to feel love towards your spouse and other loved ones? Do you find yourself using words of love, but do not feel it deep within? You know you need to care for your neighbor, but find it extremely difficult, almost forced or obligatory?  I’ve been there and I am just now coming out on the other side, discovering that love comes from accessing the divinity within, pure love is spread from the inside – out.  I’ve come to the truth that we must learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally first before we can give that gift to others, it’s really a continuous cycle. So how do we cultivate pure love and acceptance for ourselves?  How does the energy of pure love create space for change within our lives and the lives of others?

First we need to come to the realization that we are spiritual beings first, that everything was created spiritually first and that is where we need to start. Second, love is an energy that starts from within when we align ourselves with God/or in other words light and truth. We can access our ability to love purely by using our power to choose effectively. Each one of us has been given the God given gift and ability to choose and act for ourselves.  We get to choose our attitudes, our beliefs, our actions, we get to chose how we want to live our lives and what thoughts and feelings we want to focus on to help us attain what we want.  It’s simple really.  What we focus on and let grow inside of our minds and our hearts through thought and desire becomes our base for living and magnet for attracting.  Let me share a little of my experience with you to illustrate the point.

About a year ago, I found myself in a place in my marriage where there was no love, I was angry, hurt, numb, bitter and full of resentment.   I was not happy and hadn’t been for years.  After prayerful consideration, I made the decision to leave.  I moved out and got an apartment for myself. After I got settled the teaching and refining really began.  I called on the Lord for help daily and consistently.  I did the work He asked me to do, but it was painful.  I realize that when I left, I only thought it was because my husband needed to change and to have his heart softened.  I also didn’t want to be in a relationship where I felt so much anger and pain all the time.  I really thought and felt that he was the problem, and I was more than justified in leaving.  As time went on and I began to really ponder on our relationship and what my part was, God showed me the truth of what was really happening and in reality, I had created so much of what I was experiencing.  Huh? What?  See, there is a phrase we all know….’we reap what we sow’.  So, how does this apply to this?  Well, I have come to understand, all the criticism, self loathing, conditional love and judgments I was thinking and feeling towards myself every day, was of course, spilling over in the way I treated him.  I was literally just reaping what I was sowing inside of me.   What we focus on fills us up and becomes our reality.  No wonder we were so miserable!  I was only focusing on what I wasn’t, what he wasn’t….what our life was not, and so it was.  Every thought and every word has energy attached to it and attracts like energy. Yikes!


The Power of Choice

We all have a daily battle to fight, we all have challenges and we all truly want peace in our lives. I believe when we truly understand what we are battling then we can equip ourselves with tools that assist us in winning and overcoming our daily battles.  Truly the battle we all fight each day is within ourselves. Much of the time we believe it is circumstances or other people that we are in conflict with, when the battle is within. There are two strong forces or energies in this world… and fear.  Faith is rooted in love and hate is rooted in fear.  Our daily battle consists of us vacillating between choosing the two.  Really, the challenge is just choosing to love in any given situation because to not choose, the choice is made for us and the world around us promotes fear. Our world and the energy field around it is constantly shifting because on a daily basis each of us are making choices to love or to fear, the only thing stable about the world we live in are these two forces.  They come to us disguised and masked in many ways, yet this does not take away the truth that this is really what we are dealing with and what is demanded of us each day… make a choice and then put it into action. Pure love creates space in our hearts for light and truth and fear crowds out space for light and truth.  Love brings us peace and happiness and the fear brings despair and sadness.

The Truth about Love

“Love creates space for change” was a constant phrase that had been spoken to me a few years back by my friend who is a healer.  That phrase began to permeate my mind consistently through this time away from my husband as I began to seek to find the solution to heal myself and possibly our marriage. It hit me so clearly one day….I get to choose!  I realized I did not want to live in the anger and the resentment anymore, that is what I was trying to get away from, but I realized I got to choose what I wanted to focus on and I needed to choose or it would be left to chance.  I literally made the choice right there, I choose to love.  I chose to love myself just as I was, I chose to love my situation, I chose to love my husband and my family, even though there was much healing to be done. I came to understand that it wasn’t the end result that was important, but the way I traveled the road that was.  What I cultivated within myself was what was important and what would ultimately change my life.

Christ is the source of pure love and we have a piece of Christ in us.  As I have looked to Christ for strength, for understanding, for healing and for answers through this process, I have come to understand three very powerful truths. First, we are always worthy of love and we are love in essence, second we are free to choose and in choosing we create and third, love creates space for change. Calling on the Power of the Atonement of Christ to come into our life, is where the ability comes to love ourselves and others unconditionally.  The “Power” of the Atonement of Christ, is PURE LOVE. The Atonement allows us to put our old ways of thinking and behaving aside, it allows us to come into a space of choice and power instead of forced reaction. LOVE is the power and that power can heal and overcome anything, if we will let it. Through this Love, I have come to realize who I truly am comes from Love, that I am literally a manifestation of God’s love, and that my spirit was born out of Love. Nothing I do changes this, it is who I am, and it is who we all are. Nothing changes the truth that we have divinity inside and that we are loved. Love is patient and kind, it does not force.  When we feel loved just how we are, the DESIRE to want to change is cultivated.   PURE LOVE can create space for change, because pure love tapped into and allowed to live within us, acted upon over and over again, changes us energetically from the inside and when we change, others do also. So how do we tap into this power and let it work in us?

We must be willing to connect to the source of PURE LOVE on a daily basis and continually throughout the day strive to stay in our heart space. Some ways to do this are: prayer, meditation, being out in nature, and most of all connecting with and serving others. Something that keeps me centered and authentic is consciously striving to choose to love each day and especially in difficult moments. I remind myself that I get to choose. On the days when I am being especially hard on myself, which is too often, I stop what I am doing and  I slow down and quiet my mind and I make a choice to love myself in that moment, I remind myself that God loves me and that he hears and answers my prayers.  Choosing to love myself thru things instead of nit picking and shaming, is where things have shifted the most for me and created a shift in my relationships, especially with my husband. I’ve seen time and time again, when I am speaking kindness to myself, when I am choosing to love myself thru difficulty, being my own best friend….I am able to be more of that for others, especially my loved ones. I have come to understand deeply that I am good enough, that I am loveable, that what has happened to me in the past or what happens to me now, does not define who I am or limit what I can do or what I can become.  The Atonement of Christ empowers us to overcome and leave our unfruitful actions and false beliefs behind. If we will come to Christ and asked to be forgiven, ask for a change to happen from within, He will fill us with His all powerful and encompassing love.  It’s our job to just keep coming back and cultivating that in ourselves by choice.  Our choices create our lives inside and out.

Learn to love yourself, to love your life, learn to create and cultivate pure love, it will heal and save you and your loved ones.




You are Known

Last night I had a profound experience and some understanding open up to me as I lay quiet in my bed.  I was overcome with the strong impression that I am truly known by my Father in Heaven, that He truly knows me, knows the incoming and outgoings of my heart, of my mind… desires, my struggles. Not only that, but that the hosts of heaven also know me. That there is a deep awareness and care there that I have not had understanding of before. There is a song that talks about God being for you, but I had not felt this and not felt His presence so near as last night.  What I learned in those few short moments is that He truly lives and is truly ever present, that He is in the details, and that we are known by Him. The God of this Universe, who has all power both in Heaven and in Earth, knows me by name, knows me personally and He knows you.  It is unfathomable to me, yet I know in my very being it is true. This gives me a whole new perspective today, my focus is on Him, on developing a deeper relationship with Him, hearing His voice.

If the God of this Universe has time for me and to tell me that I am important to Him, what do I have time for?  I feel the time is at hand that we must truly take our stand, decide who’s side we are really on and stand tall and firm in our Father in Heaven and in His Son. I am  not afraid, nor ashamed to say that I am a follower of Jesus Christ, that he is my head and that I know that I am born from Heavenly Parents, that now me and love me just as my earthly parents do. Surely I am of Divine Heritage, we all are and I think that is the number one truth that Satan is trying to cover. When we know who we are and that we are known by the most powerful and loving being of this Universe, Satan’s power diminishes. It is my hope that we will stand in the truth of who we are and believe it, I pray that each of you reading this will be touched to know this same truth about you.  You are loved in so many ways, so many ways that I think we don’t even comprehend.  If you are a parent that constantly thinks of your child, cheers them on, is there when they are sad, prays for ways to understand and help them, then you understand your Father in Heaven, He is the same today, tomorrow and forever especially in His attention towards His children. I praise his name and I am so thankful for these still, small and tender moments where He whispers to my soul and pray that you have these moments and recognize them, because He is whispering to you too.



The Illusion called FEAR


So as I have been sitting quiet and still today, asking myself, “what do you really want to do today?”  The simple answer comes….”write”.  I love to write because I get to see the deepest thoughts in my heart and the wisdom of divine consciousness come through, I learn as I write, I find joy as I write and I am passionate about delivering messages of truth that inspire and truly make a difference.  So thanks for being the audience and thank you for your feedback, I love it!

FEAR has been the subject of my latest webinars as well as my personal journey of understanding and moving through.  I have been ravaged by fear as well as been on the other side with complete faith and love.  I have learned its actually embracing fear and expressing deep gratitude for it , that I have found the greatest peace and stepped into great personal power. See, in love, there is no resistance and it is the resistance that fear creates that we struggle and bow down to, because it is in direct opposition with the deepest part of each one of us: divine light and truth.  Fear knows no bounds, fear is rooted in lies, it’s purpose is to move it’s victim to react, thus giving up the space to truly act. Fear is based on the illusion of what we can only see and tries to knock us off base of what we feel, see and know based on faith. So here’s the deal….if you know that fear is based in lies, therein is one tool to overcoming. I’ve learned when fear rears its ugly head, most of the time it attacts my self worth, striving to create self doubt and so in this I have begun to say…”oh thank you, I can see that I am really honoring myself right now, I must be truly on the best path and I must be being so courageous because you are trying to convince me otherwise.”  Thank you for showing me that I am right where I need to be, thank you for showing up to help me be strong.”  I have found when I actually call the fear out, look at it in the face, acknowledge that I heard it and then express gratitude, it puts me back into power, choosing and acting and it diffuses the power it may have had over me!

Fear is an illusion in the sense that fear is only based in the past, in patterns of the past, in the worst and on a perspective, it does not consider light and truth and definitely does not focus on the now and the Present Conscious of Now. It’s in the now, where true power lies, for when we stay in the now, in the present, we realize that we get to choose, we get to choose something different, that we actually have power over ourselves and our destiny. Fear wants to get us to believe that we dont have control, that we have no choice, that we are shameful, bad, wrong and evil. Complete opposite of the truth. FEAR will bring up things from the past and twist it to look hopeless. When we bring FEAR into the Light of Gratitude, Love and Embrace, the battle is won!  And so my friends… is the call:  Kick Fear in the Rear by Embracing it and Thanking it.  Stand in the gift you have been given to choose, step into that power boldly and make a commitment to yourself to let FEAR no more dictate your state of being and consciousness.  Make a commitment to yourself to gain as many tools as possible and use them in exposing this illusion in your life so that you can step into greater freedom one step at a time.  Much love to you….God bless.




Today is Independence Day where we celebrate Freedom from our Oppressors. My question is: How many of us are truly free? Are you free in Body, Mind and Spirit? Are you free from your “oppressors”?  Who are your oppressors? It’s different for every body actually.  Today I ponder on the true gift of Freedom and where it really comes from and how it is attained. This a gift that everyone, no matter what country you live in, has access to and the ability to cultivate. Before I continue, I want to acknowledge that there is real slavery happening in our world right now. I do want to acknowledge, at the same time, that there is bondage happening on a deeper level that we may not be completely aware of, that is the bondage of our minds and spirits. Freedom from that bondage comes in and through Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of this World. I’m talking about the bondage of unforgiveness, hatred, anger, fear, addiction, jealously…..the energy and attitudes that take us away from peace, joy, love, kindness and walking with the Spirit of Christ. I am realizing there are so many of us that are still chained by the experience of trauma and abuse, shame, guilt, victimization.  These are the real oppressors in our lives. Sometimes I think we get so distracted by what is going on in the outside world, that we don’t realize that our inner world is in complete dishevel and bondage. When in fact, the reason that the world is in bondage is because individuals are in bondage….spiritual bondage. Some of us continue to move forward in the same negative, judgmental attitude of our ancestors and continue to heap the same onto our children. Abuse, Addictions, Violence are at an all time high because of the personal spiritual bondage of the individual. Satan has got us so distracted by outward acts of others that we don’t even realize our own state of mind and heart. So my question today is, are you really free? Are you free in your own heart and mind? Are you able to create the space for love and forgiveness and acceptance within yourself? Can you stand in your own truth, right, belief and power when the storms come? Can you stay at peace when there are tumultuous things happening all around? Do you feel you are in control of your own life, emotions, state of being?  This freedom that I am talking about comes in and through Jesus Christ….his LOVE.  It is through feeling His Love and partaking of this His Gift through the Atonement, that we are truly free. It is by surrendering the things that we do not have control over, the hurt, the pain, the envying and the strifes that make room for His love to enter in, if we will ask and choose Him.  His Spirit inside of us brings, peace that passes understanding, grace and strength beyond our own, love unfeigned. This is true freedom.

I had an experience today, that sparked this thought process. Many of you know that my husband and I are separated again and striving to find peace within the new boundary of this relationship. It has been very stormy at times, yelling, screaming, calling names, manipulation, emotional pain and grief. I have experienced these things as well as he has, but something happened today. This morning I made a choice to love, I asked Christ to be in me and to help me and I was determined to come from a space of love and peace and understanding. We were able to spend part of the day all together, and I was able to stay in peace and love, even when emotional challenges were presented. We were able to enjoy being together as a family. I learned that this is freedom. Regardless of what anyone does or says, I get to choose and Christ is by my side to assist me.  Each one of us has the capacity to choose this, to step out of bondage and into freedom.  It is my hope today as we are celebrating freedom, that we choose into personal spiritual freedom for ourselves and our families. That we allow Love to be our Head. That we put away the weapons of war that we rage on each other and on our own selves and that we choose into the freedom that peace, love and joy brings. Christ is the author of these. So Happy Independance Day, I pray you partake of the freedom that is so freely given in so many ways through Jesus Christ, our Lord. God Bless you all!




The Father of Us All

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Last night as I was pondering and looking towards today, thinking of it being Father’s day, a strong desire to honor my Father in Heaven swept over me.  It is difficult to find the words to express the deep love I have for Him. He is my Father I am born of Him and I feel this to my very core, so much so that I am overwhelmed with tears as His Holy Spirit testifies to my spirit, that, yes, I AM His daughter, we are ALL His children. I have felt this even more in the past few months than at any other time. I have drawn near to Him; I have asked to be able to see his face in my mind, to remember his spirit and how it feels to be in His presence. As I have done this, feelings of intense love, gentle kindness and strength have washed over me. I have seen his face in my mind’s eye and when I pray I see us sitting face to face and having a conversation. Through challenges I have learned to draw near to him, to lean into him to trust in him, and have felt him near, leading, guiding me and hearing every heartfelt prayer, including the silent ones.

I feel strongly to testify that our Father in Heaven is not only kind and gentle, but oh, so merciful and leads and guides us with all the tender feelings of a parent. We are little children to Him and he wants nothing more than our eternal happiness and joy. I testify that He is ever present and that He is in the details, what is important to us and what matters to us, matters to Him. Just as parents, what matters to our children, matters to us and we go the distance to assist and love our children. It is no different with Him. Our Father in Heaven pours into us, just as we pour into our own children; He is concerned for us and in the details, just as we are with our own children. He is not a vengeful God, He is not an angry God, these are misinterpretations of Him….for truly God is Love. He is meek and in this He upholds the standard of truth, for He is Truth, He is light and my friends…..He is Love, oh, is He love.

As one, who has been battered and scarred by men and by my own choices, at times, living in the pit of sin, I have found that His arms are ever outstretched, ever present and standing side by side with His Son, Jesus Christ, ready to save. Whatever the voice that says He is not real, that He is not available, that He is judgmental and partial towards his people, this is not the voice of truth. For anything that would strive to strip of us our right to His kingdom, our right as His children to call on is his name, anything that would strive to cause variance between us and him, truly is not of Him. Satan is cunning; He knows that our joy and our strength, our faith and our abundance lie in our constant communication and close relationship with Him. Satan would do anything to separate us from the Love of God. My invitation is this: Let us reach out to Him, let us do all in our power to bridge the gap that may have been created. He is present, He is all powerful and He is all loving and He is personal. This I do know, that when we turn to Him and when we partner with Him and when we let Him guide our lives, we will have peace and power and direction far beyond anything that man could ever offer. WE can have peace here on earth and it is through our relationship with Deity. It is coming again to know and remember God as our Father, that we come to know ourselves and to know how to handle the relationships in our lives.

I ponder the depth of His love that He would sacrifice His only Begotten Son. He gave Christ to the world, knowing how His Son would be treated and what the mission would be. Yet, Father’s love is so deep, so expansive, that He was willing to let his Beloved go through such pain, so that we could return back to him.  He is calling after us, like a shepherd calls after his sheep, the shepherd knows each sheep by name, we are his little lambs and he is watching over us and calling after us. I speak boldly in hopes that the truth will awaken something in those reading, a remembrance. A remembrance that we are all brothers and sisters, we all belong to this Father in Heaven and that by serving and loving one another we can come to know of Him also. I love my Father, He is my strength and my guide, the Love in my Life and by Him and through His Son I will ever stand. Who stands with me?

Happy Fathers Day.


Eye Single


Sometimes the greatest teaching moments in my life come from joy instead of pain, yesterday it was the latter.  A thought came to my mind that has changed my perspective and given me key to greater joy and peace and I wanted to share it with you.

Yesterday morning I failed to act on an opportunity that was a direct answer to prayer. Instead of embracing it and praising the Lord, I judged it, analyzed the situation and justified myself for not going. By the time afternoon came around, I had created a big ball of shame inside of me. I turned to the Lord and the scriptures for insight. Interestingly enough, the same scripture I had read earlier in the morning before I had completely made the decision, is the same scripture that stood out. It was the one about keeping our eye single to the glory of God. As I read the scripture I pondered for a bit and the thought came that God was blessing me that day and  all the time!  Me keeping my eye single to Him is choosing to see the constant flow of blessings from Him and thanking Him and being conscious of His constant care in my life daily, moment to moment and  expressing gratitude, accepting every good gift that comes my way and not judging it! I learned  that part of keeping our eye single to Him is not getting distracted by all the negative voices in this world and by worry and fear, it means keeping our seeing open and focused on how God is blessing us each day.  I realized that God is so good and all He desires is to bless His children and He IS constantly, He is always at work answering prayers. It’s us that chooses not to see it or to doubt that we could be loved that much and deserving of good things moment to moment.  It changed my perspective about God, my Father and how he truly feels about me. I realize, I don’t have to make things happen, I just need to receive and accept what God is already  given or giving in the moment!  Complete Paradigm Shift…..AWESOME! Today I am  proactively looking for His tender mercies and Him answering my prayers and expressing gratitude for all things!  It’s quieted the critical voices in my head and I feel so much lighter. God is so Good!  Happy Saturday!


In the Arms of His Love

Just a few thoughts moving through my soul today. So…. I am entering into a new phase in my life….my dreams are coming to fruition!  My dreams of traveling to distance lands and connecting on deep levels with the people of these places! My heart is full and rejoices as I realize what I am doing on these mission trips, is connecting to the light within the individuals, that I am having an opportunity to bear my soul witness of the deep love of Jesus and His power to heal.   My prayer is always that they will see and feel Him in me and this is happening by simple eye contact, listening and interacting.  I understand that when each of us feels the all encompassing love of the Savior, our burdens are lightened, our light increases and our capacity to love and be loved expands. This is our whole existence for being on this planet, to experience love in its deepest forms and to participate in creating and expanding it. As I have had this experience in Nicaragua and am preparing for the experience in Africa, I realize that I have felt surrounded by Love. Each day in my desire to connect with others, I find that same reaching out happening. We all deserve to feel that we are in the “Arms of Jesus”, I realize that when we put our arms around others whether literally or energetically, we are becoming His arms and assisting our fellow travelers in feeling that safety and security in knowing they are loved and in the Arms of a Divine Being.

If you ponder for a moment on how it feels to be in the “arms of someone you love” it is a feeling of complete safety and security, of peace and comfort. When the Savior says that we are safe in the arms of his Love that we are encircled about by His love, I believe He is saying, “You are safe, you are in my care, I am watching over you. There is peace, safety, rest, comfort and love available for you at every moment.”  When we send out our love, in the form of words, acts of kindness, acts of service, connection in conversation, hugs…..we are literally helping others feel the love and security in the Savior.  Love is powerful my friends, it truly is the language of the soul and what we truly are seeking for. Love knows no bounds, does not seek to offend, manipulate or control…..only to set free. So today, if you are feeling a little unsure, a little empty….find a way to express your love, wrap your arms around someone and receive. His love is just a hug, a word, a look , an action a way.  Be the Love my friends!  Connect with the light within yourself and others. God bless you today and may you feel His peace and Love always in your hearts.



Money Friends

How do you think of money? Do you think of money as an object or as a relationship? Money is energy, like everything else and what I’ve learned, is that it is what is in the heart of the beholder that determines the value of money and what it is able to do. What would happen if we looked at money as a relationship and as our friends to empower us in our lives? What would you do to build this relationship into something beautiful and long lasting?  In all relationships there is a give and a receive and there is a great need to forgive. Have you ever taken the time to forgive money, for all the perceived times that you were disappointed or let down?  The more we can clear up our relationship with money and build a quality relationship, the more we will have it flow to us, because it will feel loved and welcome. Now to some, this will sound completely crazy, and that is fine, you don’t have to continue reading …..and to others it will begin to make sense. What would happen if we live our lives with the focus of working in harmony with all the energies around us, in building loving relationships?  What we focus on fills us up and we attract.

We are Creators by nature, do we really understand that what we speak and what we think and put into action on a daily basis becomes?  Instead of focusing on how much debt we have and wanting to become debt free…what would happen if the focus is on  becoming financially free? See the shift in perspective, in words? Which one would you like to attract?  A friend recently pointed out, that the homeless are debt free… abundance in what they do not have. Interesting perspective don’t you think?

Some of us push money away because we do not feel worthy to be wealthy, abundant or to have our needs met. Some of us feel afraid and think it is prideful to want money and to ask for it. Ponder on this….Christ became a millionaire within the first 2 years of his life, by no thought or deed of His own, just because of who He was and because of His mission. We often think of Christ as poor when he walked the earth , I beg to differ. God knows all that we stand in need of and he offers to take care of His own. If it is ungodly to be abundant and rich then why would Christ be given riches from day 1. Do you think it is Godly to live a paupers life if you are serving the one true and living God? Do you really think that the death and destruction that scarcity brings is from God, that it pleases him to see his children suffer this self imposed belief and the effects of it?  I say no – Father says, in my kingdom are many mansions and I go to prepare a place for you.  Mansions!  Abundance! Prosperity!  My friends, it is not godly to live in scarcity….look at the front part of this word….scar or scare.  God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and of sound mind.

In Father’s kingdom all good things are and come to pass to those who love and serve him. Are we serving Him? When we have a desire to do good things, to love one another and to care for each other, we are invocing the powers of heaven to assist us in all things. When we align with heaven, we are aligning with the energy and laws of abundance. How many of us believe that if we ask for “bread” that he will give us a “stone”?  I propose that one of the only reasons we do not see so many of our dreams and righteous desires for abundance and prosperity come to pass is because we give up the faith too soon. We give up the dream and the vision right before it is about to come into material form. There is a timing, a gestational period for some things but how many times have we lost faith or stopped moving forward because we are not seeing the physical manifestation of what we already know deep in our hearts and souls, is already coming? I propose that this is the reason why we do not see growth in our lives. We give up too soon. We must press forward, believing that the things we need and asked for is coming to us now and then act as though it already is.  So give yourself a gift this season, give the gift of a new perspective and belief about money, God and your relationship with  money.  Give yourself the gift of freedom and prosperity!


Many dollars in the format of a gift box




The Living Christ

In this fast paced, ever changing world, I find myself searching for serenity and deep connection quite often. There are times that I feel that I am literally on a roller coaster….an emotional roller coaster. I feel joy and gratitude and then somewhere I allow a  nasty thought or challenging experience derail me and I am in the depths of stress and worry. That has been my life experience,what pulls me out and sustains me is what I find is important. The Savior of this world, the Creator, Our Advocate with the Father, is my constant stay, go to and safety. In Him I have found only peace and love. Peace and love like I have never known.
Do you ever find yourself feeling empty, looking for something, wanting to fill a void? I have felt this way many times and have found that what I am aching for is LOVE….The pure love of the Living Christ. Do you find yourself looking for connection, pining for peace, a rescue from your deepest fears?  Where can you find this? IN CHRIST.  I believe when we feel that way, we are really looking for is our connection to Christ.

When we think of the term “ the Living Christ” , what comes to mind? Do we really believe that Christ lives, breathes, walks the Earth, that He guides and directs it’s affairs and well as the affairs of his kingdom on earth?  I respond with a resounding yes! Christ does guide the affairs of His church and His gospel.  He does lead and guide those who have been appointed and set apart in his name to do his work. It is His spirit which directs in all things. Spirit is the light of truth, or light energy that everything is made of spiritually first and then physically, which we can feel , but not necessarily see. Christ’s spirit is present, that is actually what it means to live in the present, it means to be conscious, conscious of life. He is the bread of life, the light of the world. So really what we are coming into is Christ Consciousness….a God breathed life. God breathes life into all his works, its how this planet came to be, its how Adam came to be…God breathed life into him. When we are Christ conscious we are aware of Christ energy all around, His spirit  and being guided by Him, woman-taken-in-adultery-948871-gallerytherefore moving by God’s breathe in us. The more we feel it and act upon it the more awake and alert and alive we feel and the more we want. It returns us back to that feeling of Home.
Coming into Christ-Consciousness is coming into the energy space where He resides.  It’s connecting with Him energetically. Its returning to love, its walking in His energy: pure love. I experienced this on a recent trip to Hawaii. I was pondering on His words, reaching out to Him in spirit, wanting to connect and I did, the joy and peace I received was tremendous. I also was taught so much, He would place images in my mind of Him standing by my side, holding my hands, or hold me and I could feel that. At this time, I was impressed to write and testify of the reality of Christ and that He lives and breathes and is present in our lives. He is where peace resides and is the answer to our longings, our aloneness and our healing. He is available at all times, if we but believe. That is the challenge, believing what we feel and sense and see spiritually in our minds eye and not limiting our belief to only things that we can see with our physical eyes. WE are being called to walk by faith, now more then ever, but we also have the ability to truly connect with Christ and have those walls that existed between heaven and earth, no longer exist in the way we have experienced in the past. It is now like a thin sheet or veil, the spiritual realm is very close and therefore when we make the effort to connect to things of the spirit with the intent to do good, to heal or to receive answers, we are able to do this.
Christ is real and I invite you to step into this reality. To believe in a being that is pure love, to connect with Him and to learn how He feels about you, how He speaks to you and allow Him to teach you, heal you and love you. Come into the Consciousness of Christ in all things! There will come a time very soon that this will be the only real thing we will experience in this life, this connection will become the lifeline in discerning between reality and fabrication.


To my fellow Christians:
Yesterday I had a good talk with myself and as I was finishing up processing, I had some profound thoughts that I wanted to share. I have been feeling so much pressure to perform and do the things I know the Lord has asked me to do, yet I have not done them yet. Today I realized that it isn’t about me at all, its all about it being His work and He is already victorious and will continue to be victorious, so there is no need to worry or fear. If I don’t step up to the plate, someone else will because His purposes will be fulfilled, because He is in charge and it’s not about determining our worth, or us standing in the way of the work, it has nothing to do with us. We just get to decide whether we want to be a worker or not, and decide what kind of a life we want to create. The fact that we live and love Him is testimony enough, making the choice to come to earth we solidified our standing with Him and so when we invite Him in we have access to all that He offers. This life is purely about learning and creating: learning how to become creators. We need to stop being scared of opposition and stop thinking that Satan has power over us that we don’t have control over. We are all players on a stage, the opposition is simply a catalyst for growth….period. And the adversary only has as much power over us and we give him. Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior and strive each day to remember him and emulate him…..are already victorious, because He was victorious on the cross. This life is not about us, its about something so much bigger…LOVE LEARNING and JOY!

If you feel like your life has just been one drama after another, one challenge after another, one uphill battle after another, just know you are right where you need to be and you have no need to think that you are worthless, that your life is meaningless, that you have accomplished nothing in this battle of life! If you are still breathing, standing and have an inkling of hope and faith….You are victorious! Even if you don’t feel like this today, just know, it’s coming! You are God’s child and he made you to be victorious! Lean on Jesus’s victory! Love you guys! Have a victorious day thru Christ the Lord!