I am amazed at how simple it is to identify what we are attracting in our lives and how. Again, I am reminded that what we focus on fills us up. In the scriptures it talks about our eye being single to the Glory of God, Light and Truth, and when we cultivate more light we become light. I believe we focus on problems and what is wrong in our lives way to much, we get ensnared by thinking that we have to always figure out our problems. I am seeing in my own life and believe that this is a trap and design of the Devil. I believe our problems are there to bring us to God, to draw us near to him in asking for solutions and being willing to lay the burdens at His feet, as He has commanded. It does not do us any good to continually let problems roll around in our minds, the more we focus on the negative, the greater the possibility for us to attract that into our lives. IT is better for us to focus on what is right in our lives, our blessings and what we truly have been given. To choose to see the glass half full instead of empty. There are so many things that can be turned around, so many problems that can become miniscule if we will but shift our focus to what we have and what is good instead of what we don’t have and by simply asking the question, “what can I learn from this?”, betting an answer, adjusting and moving on.

Our thoughts are like magnets, when we focus on the negative it creates more and we attract those things. When we focus on the positive and what is right and our blessings, we attract more of that and we become more attractive to others in the same regards. We truly have power to attract what we need and want and to partner with God to create the life we desire. It starts with our thoughts and what we are choosing to focus on. We do not have to give every thought that comes into our minds, attention. Negative thoughts come with power and so many of them feel familiar because we have been walking around hanging onto them as if they are our friends. It’s time to let go of the negative thoughts, let them pass through. Better yet pluck them out and throw them away. Do not feed negativity, do not let it take root and grow. Let us grow the good in our heads, let us choose the positive and let that grow. We have control over what we focus on and what we do with the thoughts in our heads. Just remember that what is focused on literally fills us up and that is what we end up attracting and being attracted and attractive to.

As I go about my day today, I am choosing 3 specific positive declarations that I will repeat and ponder upon, over and over again. I’m going to train my brain to focus on the good, and to continually attract that energy into my life and lay those things that weigh heavy, at the Lord’s feet like He commands. I will also call upon Him to help me keep my thoughts on Him and the blessings that He has so freely given. This is how I will stay free and clear and attractive today. Who wants to join me?

Today is my Birthday

Today is my birthday and so I feel inspired to write what is truly on my heart. I feel the freedom to express whatever I would like as a gift to myself. An inner reflection on paper….those who know me well, know this is my favorite past time. Although I have been silent for some time, my heart is always yearning to write, to express the deep love I have for life, for the many people in my life and most of all for the that one true friend, who is always there for me and has brought me through all things….Jesus.

I’m so grateful to say that my life has not been easy, I have been given many gifts, wrapped in the label of “challenges”. For my challenges, I am grateful, as they have been my opportunities to grow and to know the power of Christ’s love in my life. I love to grow and I see the gift in growing and so I am grateful for my challenges. I am grateful to know that I have a personal friend and Savior, who loves me beyond comprehension and who takes the time to express that love clearly, especially in the moments of my deepest self loathing. Only He knows what to say to me when I find myself lost in the darkness of shame, guilt, grief and disappointment. It is because of His constant care that I am filled with love and have been able to come through so much trauma in my life. I have received complete healing because of Him.

I am grateful for my children, the children, who’s little spirits I saw when going through one of my most darkest times as a teen. My children who whispered to me that they were mine, that I was on the right path and to keep going. And now, who grace my home with their presence and continually challenge me to stay on board with love and patience and kindness.

I am grateful for a husband, who is always challenging me to stay in a space of love and calm. Who goes above and beyond to show loyalty and love in the most adverse circumstances. Who’s presence continually challenges me to love and not judge, accept and not criticize. Thank you.

My life is a gift and I know this because there are so many times that I wanted to take it and have been saved by angels of heaven and earth. So I am grateful for my life, I have been given the opportunity to be able to help people heal in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. To partner with heaven to understand the hearts and souls of many and to assist them in uncovering truth in their own lives and healing from the past. I am grateful that I get to continue this work on an even bigger scale and to see my life dream of creating a healing center coming to fruition.

I am grateful for opposition, for the Advesary, who does His job which allows God’s mighty power to be shown in even greater capacity.

I am grateful to be a woman and have the versatility of being soft and kind, yet strong and powerful. I love my body and this has not always been the case, given I was sexually abused and raped at young ages and rejected my body and self for so many years. I love who I am, I am grateful for the beautiful body God gave me to be able to feel and experience this life to the fullest. To be able to touch and nurture others with love and healing and receive that in return. I love that I am in tune with my body now and that I can hear it when it speaks to me and that I want to hear what it has to say and have a desire to take care of it as the precious gift it is.

I am grateful for my restored health. For a simple solution that God brought into my life that changed my course very quickly and has allowed me to help others in ways that I could not imagine.

I am blessed to know so many amazing people who have blessed my life in countless ways. It is the people in my life that make it so beautiful. I love getting to meet new people, getting to connect on different levels. It is in the connecting with others, even to the soul, that brings me the greatest joy and fulfillment. Thank you to many for allowing me to be a part of your lives, for opening up your soul to me and for allowing me to be an instrument in ministering to you in the ways that you need.

I am grateful for Angels. Thank you my Angels for being by my side always, lifting and guiding, inspiring and speaking.

I am thankful for this day, for the opportunity to reflect on my life, to reconnect with friends and loved ones and to have another year to love, learn and serve. To those who are reading this, thank you for being a witness to those blessings.

The Beginning – 21 Steps to Greatness

Have you ever wanted to write a book and you know you need to share your thoughts and story? Well, that’s been me for the past 7 months. Today, I am sharing with you a few tidbits from my new e-book coming out soon….21 Steps to Greatness. This came as inspiration as I was praying. Now we know that books are the fruits of the labor of experiences in our lives and this has been a fun one to write. I pray it will uplift, enlighten and edify those who feel compelled to pick it up! Here are 2 steps for today….

Step 1 – Make a decision – The energy and power of greatness cannot be experienced or manifested unless we make a decision within ourselves to be great, no matter what the cost. When we have decided whole heartedly within ourselves to live a full life, to be excellent and to surround ourselves with greatness then a shift happens, the universe and God, go out of their way to support, sustain and help us accomplish our goal of actually experiencing our powerful selves….creating a life of experience of Self Actualization. This means we actually get to experience ourselves as love, as strength, as kindness, as driven, as determined and we are putting these into action, instead of being acted upon.

Step 2 – Gratitude- Gratitude is one of the strongest energies, that keeps us grounded, open, centered and happy. Choosing to be grateful and cultivating the spirit of gratitude in any and all circumstances puts us in a place to connect with the Divine. It empowers us to switch our brains and focus to all that is good, instead of all that is not so good. The more gratitude we cultivate in our lives, the more joy and peace we create within ourselves

Go out and be GREAT today! I am!

The Game Changer

There really are times when we have one opportunity to choose something that is a game changer. I had that opportunity over a year and a half ago. Choosing to say “yes” when a friend offered something that had the capability of helping my body get well, was one of those game changing decisions. Many of you already know my amazing experience of overcoming 15 years of severe depression and anxiety by just starting to take an all natural, whole-food nutritional supplement called Zeal Wellness. What you don’t know is what it has done for my family and for my marriage. I know it seems a little overboard to say that one product has been the catalyst for miracles in so many needed area’s, but the fact of the matter is, it has! It’s because of the nature of what is being offered….. answers to personal health problems.

Another game changer came when I shared this with my 9 year old daughter, Zeal Wellness helped with her inability to focus. As a 9 year old, she went from not being able to even sit for 10 minutes to being able to sit and focus well for a half hour to 45 minutes. She went from struggling with her reading and thinking she was stupid, to excelling and having confidence to move forward in doing hard things. Game changer!
The 3rd game changer came for my husband. Forrest has struggled with being overweight throughout our marriage, this has been a concern for me because of the history of heart problems and diabetes. It has been an issue of conflict between us. Since starting in December of last year He has lost 56 pounds and is continuing to take good care of himself. Complete Game Changer for him and our marriage!
I Understand, that these are our experiences with Zeal Wellness. Every body is different.

The most profound blessing that has come from my decision over a year ago is being a part of a group of people that focus on serving the individual and changing lives. I have been so humbled and blessed to see the blessings of friends and family getting well in their health, getting their drive and hope back for life. Another Game Changer for me! And here is the biggest one now! Forrest and I are just coming back together after a 9 month separation, this opportunity to work together in putting our whole hearts in serving others, is a saving grace for us. It is empowering us to move from a selfish relationship to a selfless one. This, my friends, is the biggest blessing yet. When we meet our goal this month it will forever change our lives as it will put our feet on a path, spiritually ,mentally, physically and emotionally different then our previous years of marriage. We not only welcome the change, but are running to it with all we have, we know it truly is our opportunity to create something new and good within us, within our relationship and with our family. Thank God for opportunities!

SO, why am I sharing all this? That’s where you come in…I want to reach out to you who need a game changer right now. Maybe in your health, maybe in your life, maybe in your relationships. My heart is so full of the desire to see you heal and thrive, like we have been given the opportunity to do, that I’m willing to use a blog post to invite! Crazy! Honestly, if you have been praying for a change and there is something that resonates with what I have shared with you….please reach out to me. Is it time for you to change the game in your life? Could this be the catalyst for you also? Let’s find out!

Living Dead

So many of us are walking around and not truly living, we have become complacent, controlled by fear and hopelessness. Our hearts have become disconnected and our compassion for ourselves and others is waning. Why does this happen and how can we wake up and change the way we live? I believe so much of this is happening because we have given up….given up on faith, given up on love and given up on God. Why? Because it is easier to succumb to pressures of fear, laziness, hopelessness, numbness, than it is to fight for faith and love. What has happened to the spirit of people? Why do we give up our gift of freedom to choose so easily and become mindless? This post that I am writing today is a call to action. I’m calling you to rise up and stand up for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let fear, hopelessness, pride, depression…. rule your life and stand in your way any longer. Rise up! Call on the God, who is your Creator and your Father, and who loves you beyond measure, to give you strength to rise up within yourself. Face your fear today and walk thru it to the other side, reach out to the one that you feel the most hurt from. Be a victim no longer! Stand in the power that God has given you to choose, be free! Make a choice today to live! No longer walk around dead, get on your knees, dig deep, and make the change. You will be blessed with strength and support, you will have people come into your life to help you. Walk in faith and love and receive the blessings that come from this change. I want to hear what one thing you did differently today…what 1 thing did you change and stand strong in? Let’s support each other. Have a blessed day!

The Power of Being Selfless

I read a quote today by Wayne Dyer “Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.”

How much of our time and energy is spent and wasted on worrying? I’ve started to become very aware of a heavy dark feeling that has invaded me for some time.  Just recently I’ve realized it has simply been the energy of worrying .  I fret over details, people and events to which I have no control over.  My mind will continually play on and on with thoughts of doubt, fears and worries, unless I consciously stop and focus on the now.

Think about it….how much do we really have control over? And does worrying change or solve anything?  It absolutely does not!  It  is a complete waste of energy and time and it is a mind trap!  As I’ve become aware of this, I’ve been discovering ways to overcome and avoid the trap.  I know that there are many ways and many tools, and I would love to hear what you have discovered.  This is what I’ve learned so far:

1. Realize that the only person you have control over is you. Remember this and adjust your thought process and beliefs.

2. God is over all and when we invite Him, he will guide and direct the things we cannot see and that we do not have control over.  He will speak peace to our hearts and minds.   As we align our will with His will for us, and commit to be determined in serving Him, we can have confidence that he will help provide all that we need.

3. Reach higher! Strive to live in a way that our thoughts and energy are centered in serving and helping others, fulfilling our divine mission, and creating a better environment for ourselves and those around us.

When I have shifted my focus from me, me , me, to  asking “who can I help today? “,  great power and peace have entered and sustained me.  It is the power of selflessness and it’s so freeing! When I ask myself this question, it gets me out of my mind trap.  Then I start reaching into my heart and searching and I open up to God to guide me.  I begin to live from faith, love and peace instead of fear, worry and regret.  It is absolutely magical!

So…..Go create magic in your life!….. and leave the worries, fears and doubts at the Lord’s feet!

Come join us on the Facebook event page “PAY IT FORWARD  and join the many others who are creating this magic in their lives  and in others….https://

What do you do to overcome worry, fear and doubt?  Please share.

The Answer

I’ve been reflecting on the sudden passion and urge I feel to write and share and how this is such a change from my 9 years of living in a dark and depressing place of loneliness and seclusion.  I look back on my life, even at this moment, with tears in my eyes, and wonder how I have made it thru so many years of struggling with depression, anxiety, guilt, anger….hopelessness. Depression in all its negative forms attack the mind and  enslaves the soul. A disease in so many aspects, a disease in which I thought I would never find a cure for, nor any kind of consistent relief. I remember so many times wanting to die, or run away.  I can recall many times, planning an escape, figuring out in my mind how I could just disappear in the least dramatic way so that it wouldn’t hurt my kids and husband too much.   I remember feeling such loathing for myself, that I would literally crawl in a ball and cry out for mercy, hoping that I wouldn’t be consumed by the darkness, but then wondering if I was, that maybe my heart would just stop beating and I would be free. I remember one day after having my third baby, sitting on a street corner and literally not being able to move because of the sadness and despair and hopelessness I felt.  I ended up picking myself up off the curb and calling the suicide hotline asking for help. These are just a few scenes from the never-ending roller coaster of a journey that my family and I have been riding.  Yet, now, today I feel it’s distance. Where there has been hopelessness and darkness, there is a brightness of hope, a surety of peace.  Where I could barely muster the desire to pull myself out of bed, now there is a fire and a passion that burns and drives me to stand, to speak, to listen, uplift and love others. I’ve pondered so many times on the miracle that I am even still here, that I have a desire now to live and to love.  There are a few reasons for this miraculous change,and the one that stands out most to me today, and that ultimately is the answer, is God’s grace, His Love and His ultimate wisdom.

As today is Christmas, and Christmas is the celebration of God’s Beloved Son, I thought it fitting that these thoughts have been running thru me. This is what I know…. I know that Jesus, my personal Savior, has done just this…personally saved me. He has saved me, my soul, from an awful fate and he has saved me from having to feel the effects of guilt, hate, anger, hurt and pride all my life. At the same time, He has saved me to be a voice of hope. He has saved me so I could stand as a witness of His mighty power to heal and to rescue. He has saved me so I could experience His powerful love and testify of it. I know that He has never left my side, that he has always stood by me, watched over me and lifted me up. This is why I am now here today, with a love and hope burning brightly. In a society where others forget him, discard him, dismember him, and mock him…I stand by Him and for Him.   I realize that in His hands, we heal, we overcome, we live and we can love with great power. He has saved us all in hopes that we will be a manifestation of love and goodness in this world.  We are not alone, we are never alone.  Know this….now is your time to be free, to be happy and to manifest the godliness that is in you. You have a purpose….a mission, that you have been called to do.  Rise Up! Take courage in Christ…and know that what you need is on it’s way, and when your miracle comes….accept it with full heart and run with it!


Making A Difference

Today I am reflecting on my many blessings and my heart is full of gratitude as I reflect back on where I’ve been and where I am now and the miracles that have come about in just a few short months. As some of you may know, I am just coming out of 15 years of severe depression and anxiety.  This has been quite a journey for me and the Lord has blessed me with many different tools to help along the way.  The one tool that has proven to be the most effective and life changing is my Zeal Wellness.  Yes, it is a fabulous whole food, nutritional supplement that has rocked my world and changed it dramatically for the better.  Where there was no energy, over eating, foggy thinking, low tolerance for any kind of challenge, lack of sleep and complete shut down when having to make more than simple decisions…..there is now a happy, balanced, full of energy, skinnier, completely functioning on a higher level woman!  YAY!  So to say I’m excited about this drink and the company and all its possibilities to help people… a complete understatement!

Now, I’m just a lady on a mission and I am standing on this platform and asking for your help.  I have a goal to help 100 people before Christmas! I want to introduce, educate and provide friends, family and strangers an opportunity to get Zeal into their bodies.  As you are reading this, I know there is someone that you each know, if not just yourself, that is in great need of a way to better health and wellness….send them my way.  You may know someone who has lost hope for a brighter future, who financially is struggling and has been for some time, and just needs and wants to be financially free…..send them my way.  You may be someone who as felt that there is a greater purpose for you, you have a burning desire to help people and to see others lives change… me!  If you just want and need to be a part of an amazing group of people that care about you, believe in you and want to see you achieve your greatest aspirations… me!  I can not find the words to express my deep sense of gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven who has brought these blessings into my life and provided me with an opportunity to do the same for others.  I  feel so blessed and want to share with others.  Please help me in making a difference! The address for my website is below:

In celebration of the holiday and as an incentive to act now, there is a huge promotion going on for the next 3 days…Ask me about it! God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

A Champion’s Heart

So….before you continue reading, I just ask that you go gently on me.  This is my first blog post ever and I know the page is  rough and incomplete, that you who don’t know me have no background….I apologize.  That will all come, I promise!  I just wanted to get this first post out, as it came to me with such power and I just felt I needed to jump into the world of blogging before my courage weakened.

I just got off the phone with my friend. We  were discussing my family and our most recent challenge….. my husbands cut in hours and a possible foreclosure on our home.  I expressed my feelings of peace and my faith in a loving Heavenly Father, that He was hearing and answering our prayers and that all would be well.  That this challenge was some how a blessing in disguise and that I just couldn’t see all the pieces fit together yet.  As I hung up the phone, I sat and pondered on our conversation for a bit and a thought came to my mind…..”you have a champions heart.”  I answered in thought….”what? really?” and then asked myself  “what is a champion?”  The answers began to flood my mind and I began to write.  So…. what you will be reading is the frantic writings of an untrained mind….haha!

What IS a champion? I thought, a champion is someone who overcomes great odds to accomplish an almost insurmountable goal or task.   A champion is someone who never gives up, perseveres against all odds, has been an underdog at some time, has had extreme opposition and battled with self confidence.  A champion is someone who has a dream or goal, believes in that dream and doesn’t let anyone or anything deter from attaining that goal and never stops working towards the dream.

I believe we all have a champions heart!  A heart that believes, a heart that is driven, a heart that burns with a yearning to be something more, to make a difference for good.  We all came to earth with a champions heart, its who we really are!  We just need to be reminded.  Sometimes we just need someone we love and respect to look into our eyes and hearts and speak with power of truth….”I see you, I believe in you!”  When we hear those words with our hearts and feel the power, sincerity and truth behind them, the light will turn on again inside.  Where there was once darkness and a loss of remembering, there will be a small stirring and we will begin to believe in ourselves again.

This is where my journey begins with you, on this blog……the awakening of the champion inside. This is the journey I want to share with you, that I want you to be a part.  I want to be, what my friend has been for me….the person that says,  “I don’t care where you’ve been, what you’ve done or haven’t done.  I see YOU,  your heart, your worth, your strength.  I believe in you and your ability to overcome and to make a difference.  I believe in your ability to achieve and do great things.”